We utilize the resources of DNA Testing and other modern technologies to reconnect the African Diaspora with their Continental African families and cultures that were scattered as a result of the Transatlantic Trade.

Virtual African Ancestral naming ceremonies include educational processes that connect the registrants with the culture and traditions of the ethnic group. This is a sacred rite of passage.

This supports our efforts in recnnections. The Naming ceremonies are provided specifically by Chief Dr. Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri with the Eduzi Team.

We provide FREE online classes which contain useful tools on how to search for Africa born relatives using your Autosomal DNA Test results.

Many of us have found multiple Africa born relatives that also DNA Tested. We show you how we found them in our DNA match list.

You can help us so we can test more African ethnic groups. The Founder manages a database of African Autosomal DNA results as a result of coordinated testing in various African countries and Kingdoms. She personally DNA tested the entire Royal cabinet in Eri Kingdom. We reconnect you with those that we DNA tested for FREE. Contact US.

African Ancestral Services

We are not a dna testing company

We Provide Tools via Written, Audio and Video Aids to Teach Methods in Which to Search For Africa Born Relatives. You Must Take the Autosomal DNA Test on Your Own.

Ambassador SHOWCASE

Click here to Register for a 2024 Virtual Naming Ceremony The Naming ceremonies are provided specifically by Chief Dr. Naja Chinyere Njoku Eri.

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expectations of UmuAgu DNA Africa Society

UmuAgu DNA Africa Society is for DNA Tested African Descendants whose ancestors were horrifically scattered by the Transatlantic Trade and who are still being marginalized by Diaspora society as a result of enslavement.

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Potential African Descendant candidates may apply for membership which is subject to approval. The candidate will be invited to a private platform for discussion and interview.


Proper inquiries must be conducted to ensure that this is the right society for the candidate and that the candidate is willing to abide by our society’s rules.

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